The miraculous healing powers in Sardinia


A friend of ours told us of a place where you can regenerate your bones and heal your body through natural magnetism from the earth. We were curious and so we went to check out this mysterious place. It’s called the Tomba dei Giganti of Li Mizzani (the Giants Tombs of Li Mizzani), tucked away in the hills close to Palau.

The word is spreading from locals to tourist who swear they have healed their headaches, anxiety, osteoporosis, depression, tendinitis, myopia, and sciatica.

It’s free and luckily when we went, there were no line ups and so we laid down for about an hour to restore our bodies. This place will give you an immediate sense of calm and while absorbing the magnetism from the earth, you may also feel a tingling in the areas that need healing in your body.

During high season you can easily find line ups of people waiting to sit or lay down on the healing stones of the Giants Tomb.


How exactly does it cure?

According to Mauro Aresu, an archeologist who has published many of his findings in Beni Culturali, explains the ground where the tomb is located emanates energy flows that have a frequency of about 437 MHz. These emissions have the ability to cross the human body, allowing human cells to recharge. An individual, while lying down, can experience a slight warmth in the points of the body where there is a physical problem or a slight tingling in the hands or feet, as well as a feeling of lightness and relaxation.

This place is considered a miracle of proto neuralgic medical engineering and patients say the place emits beneficial health waves.

How to do it - Lay down in the tomb or sit on the stones laid out in a semicircle, barefoot for at least 45 minutes one session. If you have more time, you should sit or lay down on the stones in the tomb for about 30 minutes a day for 10 days, either in the morning or in the evening.
If you are in a group, you can do a group therapy session, where everyone is sitting in a semicircle and this way the energy will flow at a higher frequency.

How to get there - From Olbia take the SS 125 in the direction of Santa Teresa di Gallura. You will cross Arzachena and continue until you see the intersection for Palau, but instead of turning for the SP 123, you will turn onto the SS 133 for Santa Teresa di Gallura. After a few kilometers, you will need to turn left on a side street that has no name, but there is a restaurant on the corner called Vecchia Gallura, on your right you will see a Garden Center. Make a left on the road and continue uphill until you reach a crossroad, turn left and continue on the road for about 4.5 kilometers, there will be a sign directing you towards the tomb. Eventually you will arrive at a parking lot, leave your car there. Pass the wooden gate and a few meters ahead you will see the Li Mizzani Giant Tombs on your left hand side.




The Giants Tomb of Li Mizzani, Sardinia.

You can sit barefoot or lay down in the tomb.